Marching band Michaël is a reliable corps with a professional appearance. With Michaël you can involve a four-time Dutch Champion from the highest division of the Royal Dutch Music Organization (KNMO) in your event. The band is known by juries for the special combination of strict discipline and very good musical performances, both marching and concert.

Musical partner for every event
The band has been the musical partner of the municipality of Nijmegen and Stichting de 4Daagse (Four days Marches) for years. It is much in demand for performances during annual parties, street parades and parades. Tattoo organizations in the Netherlands and Germany, such as Ellwangen and Sassenberg, program marching band Michaël often.

Book marching band Michaël now!
Marching band Michaël can also make a suitable proposal for your event. Marching, concert, serenade or a combination of these – we like to think along with you and put together a program from our diverse repertoires. We would be happy to get in touch with you. Contact us directly via: